This summer, Ken Honda and Stella Venus will be coming to Germany for a speaking event and live concert on Saturday, July 22 in Frankfurt!


Part 1 of this exclusive event will feature Ken’s lecture on “Living Your Vision”, and Part 2 will be a special live concert by Ken’s daughter, Stella Venus.


For over 20 years, Ken has been teaching about how to change your relationship with money and how to express your innate talents through doing what you love in order to achieve a truly happy and successful lifestyle. This time, he’ll be sharing on the topics of building a happy money mentality, cultivating gratitude and happiness, and living true to your life purpose. The theme of the talk is Living Your Vision: Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live.



What is a vision?

Put simply, it’s the reason you were born. We are usually so busy with the details and to-do lists of our busy everyday lives that we rarely find time to stop and ask ourselves deeply about what our own vision for life could be or whether we’re truly living our vision. The pandemic was a huge wake-up call. For many, it was a huge opportunity to finally look for the answers to those questions. “What things in life are truly the most important to me?” “What are the goals I really want to accomplish more than anything in this lifetime?” Searching for the answers to these questions is the first small step toward finding your vision.


Ken made his debut as an author just 20 years ago. Before that time, he had not written anything outside of essays for school and university. However, the reason he was able to suddenly become an author was because he received a vision and then acted on it immediately. In a similar fashion, Ken has also achieved his visions to become an international author, and is now regularly giving seminars and lectures in English all over the world, while his works are being translated into more than 30 languages and 50 countries. These goals were also part of his vision, which he continues to make come true. At this event in Frankfurt, Ken will be talking about his own experiences related to the topic of Living Your Vision. Listening to him share about his own vision may reawaken the small voice in your own soul that is guiding you to your own.


In Part 2 of the event, the scene will change completely as the audience is invited to feel from within what it is like to live your own vision. For this, we invite the singer Stella Venus onto the stage!




Stella will be performing songs from her debut album, The New Beginning, which takes you on a journey with her as she decided to live her vision through music. The sound and feeling of the songs are modern, but the powerful and impactful messages in the music hit the heart directly. As you enjoy Stella’s healing and beautiful voice, you may find yourself invited into a world of the unknown and feel gently guided toward living your own vision, too.


What’s even more special about this event is that a special guest will be joining Stella during the concert: Coco Tomita is a young and talented Japanese violinist who performs mainly in Europe. We hope you thoroughly enjoy the clear and heart-penetrating tone of her violin alongside Stella’s voice which reaches and uplifts your soul. It’s certain to be a deeply inspiring performance and collaboration.




After Ken’s talk and the performance by Stella, there will be an after-party reception if you’d like to attend. We look forward to seeing you there if you can make it!



【Date and time】local time Saturday, July 22, 2023 16:30~22:00
【開催場所】Frankfurt, Germany

 (Details will be sent to those who apply.)

【 Entry fee 】200EUR


*This event will take place completely in English
*Seating will be limited to around 60 participants
*Refreshments in the way of drinks and light finger foods will be available at the after-party reception for your enjoyment
*This event is being brought to you by Tomoko Nishimura, who lives in Dusseldorf.
*Payment is limited to credit cards only. (The account will show payment went to “Tomoko Nishimura”)
*This event will not be available for online streaming








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